Darwish’s Letter to a Writer

Resistance is beautiful, echoes Mahmoud Darwish. Palestine and Kashmir are one.

Umar Lateef's Mashikk-Speaking Truth to Power


Mahmoud Darwish has been described as a poet who transformed Palestine into an unattained beloved whose images inform the poet’s lexicon. The features of Palestine—its flower and birds, towns and waters—became integrated in the poet’s witness to the string of tragedies, political and humanitarian, that have continued to afflict Palestinians. Darwish’s work has sought to ‘humanize’ Palestinians. To portray them as people who, despite of facing daily torments, have a life, dreams, love-stories.Darwish is also known to be the national poet of Palestine.


Besides in Palestine, Darwish finds a substantial following amongst oppressed and occupied people around the world including Kashmir. He is widely read and cited throughout Kashmir’s literary landscape. Agha Shahid Ali, one of the most powerful and devastating Kashmiri poets, frequently invokes Darwish in his compositions.


This is Darwish’s letter to the inaugural Palestine Festival of Literature held alternatively in Ramallah, Jerusalem and Bethlehem between 7 and…

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